I have to admit. I am a big fan of purple. When the artist formally known as Prince came out with the album Purple Rain, I was an instant groupie. When my son fell in love with a big purple dinosaur, I was thrilled. The fact that our hometown Sacramento Kings are purple, fills my heart with joy! So……. when should the purple madness stop? Have you ever seen a Crayola crayon labeled “Potty purple”?   Neither have I.

I love it when people have a passion for something, but in the case of this central Roseville home, I would have preferred the love to stay in the seller’s heart instead of in the toilet. Buyers tend to shy away from bold, passionate plumbing. Lucky for this little commode, it was not alone. It came with matching tile, sink and bathtub to make sure the mood was set.

When considering your next remodel, don’t flush your money down a purple toilet. While it makes a great conversation piece, it may not be the best return on your investment.


real estate house for sale (Custom) (2)Excerpt from SacBee article:

There are more homes for sale, cash investors are dropping away, and huge year-over-year price increases are tapering off. But for many would-be homebuyers, the real estate market in the Sacramento region remains a challenge, with demand outstripping supply and lenders holding borrowers to tougher standards.

Those who try to buy an entry-level home without a good grasp of market conditions and lending rules are likely to grow frustrated and leave disappointed. That’s why the Sacramento Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors are hosting a homeownership fair on July 19. The event is meant to educate buyers about what to expect and how to have a better chance at success.

“Homebuyer education is key,” said Barbara LeBrecht, chairwoman of the Realtors’ Home Opportunity Committee and a broker with Langdon’s HomeBuyer’s Assistance Corp. in Gold River.

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